On-Site Health Services

On-Site Doctors, Pharmacy, Home Health, Therapy, Lab & More!

onsite health services

At Waterford, we realize your health and wellness go beyond what we can offer. Therefore, we have allowed select healthcare providers to lease space in our community to provide you a convenient option in meeting your own, personal medical needs.

Ingall's Pharmacy

AdvanCare Healthcare

Zmedi Medical Group


On-Site Physicians:

  • Dr. S. Nagubadi, MD (female) - Suite #106 (ZMedi Group)
  • Dr. A. Zaman, MD SC (male) - Suite #106 (ZMedi Group)
  • Dr. S. Joshi, MD (male) - Health Center, Terrace Level
  • Dr. R. Malhotra, MD (male) - Geriatric Psychiatrist
  • Dr. M. Sedory (male) - Podiatry
  • Dr. W. Grant (male) - Optometry

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