As cold weather settles in, the general tendency can lean towards inactivity. While summer and spring inspire many to exercise, it is much more difficult during the winter to find the motivation to move, especially for seniors. However, taking a three month break (or longer!) to hibernate for the winter is simply not a good idea. Exercise improves health in too many areas to simply leave it by the wayside, and cold weather forces us to explore some alternative options when the ice, snow, and bitter cold hit. Here are some of our suggestions to inspire you to get moving!

  1.   Work out at home! Workout DVDs are readily available to rent and buy, and some workouts are easily found on the internet as well. Watching these videos can help vary the types of exercise you do and can help inspire you when you start to feel as if you have cabin fever.
  2.   Include friends. Getting a group of friends together provides accountability and makes things more fun. Joining a group class, sports league, or walking the mall are all ideas for groups to try together.
  3.   Clean the house. As silly as it may seem, sweeping, dusting, scrubbing and even cooking burns calories and gets your blood pumping. Plus, you have the added benefit of a clean house!
  4.   Layer up and take a walk. Be sure to protect yourself by ensuring you wear warm socks, gloves, and especially a hat, in addition to a warm coat when the thermometer dips down. Venture out only on days with clear weather, and never take undue risks when the weather might take a turn for the worse. Don’t forget to watch out for ice, and remember that even in the winter, the sun is powerful and can give you a sunburn!

Activity is important for maintaining a healthy retirement, but always remember to be aware and be safe so that you don’t overdo it. At Waterford Estates, we firmly believe in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for our residents according to their unique stage of retirement, providing appropriate care for each of their needs. For more information on how we can help you improve your retirement living, check us out at

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There’s nothing better than finding a good deal! But do you know exactly how many senior discounts you may be missing out on? Read on to find out how to discover the best senior discounts and save! These are our top tips to making sure you take full advantage of your senior status and you don’t miss out, thanks to and

  • Web Resources – a quick search on an internet search engine will generate pages upon pages of answers to just about every question you may have. If you consider yourself to be tech savvy and you have a smartphone, there are even apps which you can download to find lists upon lists of Senior Savings!
  • Join An Organization Which Offers Senior Benefits – AARP is a widely known organization which can offer you big savings by joining. The fee (under $20 per year) is a small price to pay if you take advantage of all they have to offer to their members!
  • Ask, Ask, Ask! The easiest way to find discounts is to ask! Many different companies offer special prices for seniors, from airlines to hotels to retail stores to restaurants to pharmacies. Restaurants, including many chain and fast food restaurants offer a senior discount or specially priced items for seniors. It sometimes varies store-by-store, but it never hurts to ask nicely!

We hope this list inspires you to keep an eye out for potential savings. Give it a try and see which of your favorite places offer senior discounts.

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Meet our lovely Waterford Resident, Betty! Betty is a Chicago native, born on June 2, 1929 to parents Lucia and John Scheiflinger. Lucia and John had immigrated to Chicago previous to having their family, including Betty, her sister Alvine, and her brother John. Betty grew up playing the piano and working hard in school, eventually attending Wilson Junior College in Chicago, completing her education through her second year of college there. Later, she began working as a manager of a local hardware store, a job she maintained for nine long years. During this time, Betty met her husband at age 24 at a dance gathering with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ruzich celebrated 52 years of marriage, and their family expanded as they welcomed five children, five grandchildren, and eventually one great-grandchild.
Betty enjoys being involved in the activities at Waterford Estates, including exercise, bingo, arts & crafts, outings, and, of course, the beauty shop. She enjoys participating in the various activities and getting to know her fellow Waterford Estates residents. She also thinks that the staff is wonderful! We are so glad to have Betty as a part of our community.

The decision to find a nursing home Hazel Crest community is a big one. Allow us to help! Click here to contact us and get more information on memory care Flossmoor and about our assisted living Tinley Park.

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Pets have a way of delighting everyone, young and old. Cats, dogs, hamsters, fish… Whether fluffy or scaled, pets have a way of improving our lives. Seniors in particular can find plenty of benefits to having a pet. Here are some of the top ways that pets can benefit seniors, thanks to


  • Companionship. Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic a dog is to see you, no matter the length of time you’ve been gone? For seniors, especially seniors who are living alone, companionship, even with your pet, makes a world of difference
  • Mental Stimulation. A pet requires adherence to a daily schedule, keeping up with daily feeding times and access to exercise and play. In addition, watching your cat chase a laser pointer or your little dog chase a ball provides entertainment for hours and plenty of laughs.
  • Promotes Empathy and Optimism. Animals are much easier to read than humans are, so caring for animals builds up empathy and good feelings. Optimism is another side effect of caring for a pet, as they provide a sense of purpose and inspiration.
  • Reduces Stress and Increases Feelings of Well-being. It has been suggested that being around animals lowers the levels of stress chemicals in your brain and boosts the chemicals which promote happiness. Pets can help reduce anxiety, as well.

Getting a pet can be a wonderful way to improve your senior living. Make sure that you carefully take into consideration the level of care you can provide for your pet before rushing off to a pet store, and if you live in an apartment or rented house, ensure that pets are permitted in your building. Fortunately, Waterford Estates welcomes residents to keep their pets which fit our requirements. Come and tour our retirement community to see if it might be the best fit for you and your furry friend.
From memory care Tinley Park senior living to our nursing home Flossmoor communities, our assisted living Olympia Fields location, Waterford Estates, can offer you the best. Contact us here!

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Maybe last time you visited home you noticed some things about your loved ones that sparked concern. Maybe mom and dad mentioned needing some extra help around the house, or you worry about them being unable to keep up with their lifestyle. Transitions are always difficult, especially when it comes to the time for your loved ones to transition to a retirement community. The conversation can be awkward, stressful, and difficult to begin, while also being necessary. Coming from a place of love and concern adds to the pressure of the situation, so here are some tips from to help you as you begin a conversation about retirement communities.

  • Recognize their independence. Many people assume that when they move into a retirement community, they will be forced into complete dependence on the staff and lose all of their independence and freedom. This is not the case! Plenty of retirement communities nowadays offer excellent options for independent living which provide a lot of freedom while also offering a certain areas of support where the residents choose, such as a built in community of friends, housekeeping help, or delicious meals offered in a common dining room. A person’s independence does not necessarily need to be surrendered in the midst of a transition to a retirement community.
  • Address concerns but don’t tell them what to do. A 2015 Harvard Study found that almost 70% of people aged 85 and over lack adequate safety features in their home. Certainly this is cause for concern, but nobody wants to have a conversation with someone who seems like a know-it-all. Respect and consideration of the feelings of everyone involved will go a long way. Ask questions to encourage your loved one to reflect on what is or isn’t currently working, what might be most beneficial in the long run, and take a personal responsibility in helping them find solutions. Especially important is encouraging your loved one to join you should you choose to explore the different options for retirement communities nearby.

Despite the difficult nature of this conversation, it is not something to avoid or skirt around. Consider the many emotions that come alongside moving and be sensitive to your loved one’s feelings and allow them time and space to consider your concerns. Ultimately, you want the very best for your loved one and it will be of little benefit to anyone to rush through the process. Our staff is also committed to making the transition as easy as possible and we hope to provide you and your family with the best care available.

Looking for a nursing home Olympia Fields community? At our assisted living Hazel Crest community, Waterford Estates, we can help you learn more about memory care Homewood senior living and the best choice for you. Contact us today!

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When the time comes for you or your loved one to transition into life at a senior living community, moving can seem to be overwhelming. However, your new apartment is a blank canvas for redecorating! By taking the time to carefully decorate your apartment, your transition will be eased as you begin to feel more at home and comfortable in a beautiful space filled with some of your favorite things. Here are some tips for decorating a senior living apartment from!

  • Take your favorite things into consideration. For example, if you or your loved one have a particular affinity for the color blue, try to keep true to that! Don’t get carried away finding beautiful things that have no significance.
  • Don’t replace everything all at once. There is absolutely no need to replace every single item as you transition into your new home. Items that carry emotional attachment can be easily incorporated into the design of your new space.
  • Don’t try to overcrowd. Attempting to relocate all the items from your previous home, especially if it was a larger space, will only frustrate you and may even be a potential danger. Clear out unnecessary items and save room for the important stuff.
  • Small things make a difference. Some retirement communities don’t allow for a change in paint color or other major items within an apartment. However, some beautiful art or family pictures can help personalize those blank walls and make a big difference. Similarly, a houseplant or some flowers (real or artificial) can also make a huge difference in the appearance of the room.

All in all, moving into a retirement community should be a beautiful chance to make your space your own and improve your overall well being. At Waterford Estates, we are committed to making sure you feel at home, no matter what stage of retirement you are in. Come by and check us out today!

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… is wonderful! Check out what some of our residents at Waterford Estates have to say about the dining experience at Waterford Estates and what they enjoy most.








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