Have you ever looked around your home and wondered, “Where did all this stuff come from?” It’s a common question, and a common problem, as, over the years various articles seem collect and build until we are faced with a seeming mountain of “stuff”. Don’t be afraid! Simplifying your life by getting rid of some of this may help you reduce stress and improve your retirement living. Here are some steps to help you develop the art of simplifying courtesy of seniorlivingmag.com

  • Sprint, Not a Marathon. If you can break up your task into manageable pieces, you will find yourself much more successful than an attempt to clear out the whole house in one fell swoop.
  • Set a timer. After about 45 minutes, people tend to hesitate more when it comes to making decisions to keep or throw away something. Take a break and walk away before returning to the task and you will be much more effective.
  • Gather helpers. Involving your family or friends can be beneficial to the process of cleaning out your space. However, “can” is the key word – some loved ones may actually impede your progress! Choose people who will challenge you throughout the process. If your family is sentimental, it could be helpful for you to be able to pass on certain items that you don’t particularly want or need anymore.
  • Focus on all the good! Make your newfound cleared-out space beautiful, safe, and functional. Enjoy the tranquility that washes over you as you let go of the burden of unwanted stuff cluttering your home.
  • Consider hiring a professional. Plenty of people nowadays offer downsizing or organizational services. Take their services into consideration as it may possibly save you time and stress. Even a consultation by a professional may help spark ideas and inspiration!

Simplifying your stuff can take a load off your mind and help you find additional peace in your retirement living. Retirement living ought to be wonderful, and tackling a big project such as decluttering can provide a big improvement, not to mention a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Waterford Estates community can help you take more steps to improving your senior living… find out more today!

From nursing home Olympia Fields senior living to assisted living Hazel Crest communities, we can also help you determine the best choice for your memory care Homewood community. Contact us here to learn more.

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Contact us today to learn how your options for assisted living Flossmoor senior living can improve. Waterford Estates has the information you need about memory care Hazel Crest and nursing home Homewood locations.

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When the time comes to transition you or your loved one into a senior living community, there will inevitably be a million thoughts and worries before and throughout the transition period. But there is no need to stress! Chances are, after allowing yourself a little while to adjust, you will find yourself happy and comfortable in your new community. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to make that adjustment period the best it can be.

  1. Give yourself time. It is unreasonable to expect that you will immediately feel comfortable in a new place, especially in the very beginning. The first few days of living in a new place will probably feel awkward and uncomfortable… but that’s okay! According to seniorlivingmag.com, a minimum of three months is normally what it takes to feel truly adjusted, although sometimes that time can be much shorter!
  2. Keep a good attitude. Attitude is can make or break any experience. Think positive – see this transition as an opportunity for good change to happen! Senior living communities can offer so much to their residents, from healthy, delicious meals served daily without the hassle of cooking to the atmosphere of friendship and community among the residents. After adjusting to life in a new place, many seniors ask themselves, “Why didn’t we do this earlier?”
  3. Make connections. Friends can help put anyone at ease in new situations. Rather than worrying about whether or not you will “fit in”, look for opportunities to join in on social activities, or strike up a conversation with one of your fellow residents at the dinner table. Building a social bond with the people near to you will help you to feel connected and comfortable in the community, even if you are still figuring it all out.

We hope that these tips help you or your loved one as you begin adjusting into life at a senior living community. If you haven’t begun your search yet for a senior living community, let us help! At Waterford Estates, we offer a beautiful community to meet your specific retirement living needs. We want to help you find your best options for retirement – come and tour our community to see what life at Waterford Estates is really like!

To learn more about assisted living Tinley Park senior living, including information about memory care Flossmoor and nursing home Hazel Crest communities, contact us!

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Are you a forgetful person? Constantly forgetting exactly where you put your keys is certainly annoying, but is not necessarily by itself a symptom of a larger problem. As your mind ages though, more and more things seem to slip through the cracks. It does not have to be this way! Here are some tips and techniques from mayoclinic.com to help keep your mind as sharp in your 80’s as your 20’s.

  1. Stay Active – In the same way that physical activity helps to keep your body in good shape, mental activity keeps your mind in good shape! Learn to play an instrument or learn a new hobby, complete crossword or math puzzles, anything you can do to keep your mind active!
  2.  Be a Social Butterfly – Keeping up your social calendar helps to prevent depression and fight off stress, which keeps your thoughts clear and your mind healthy!
  3.  Organize everything – Focusing on one task at a time is not always possible, but keeping your surroundings tidy will minimize distractions and maximize your memory by focusing on the task at hand rather than wondering about dusting or that stack of papers. Keeping a small notebook to record and remember important things such as a grocery list is beneficial as well.
  4. Get Some Zzzzz’s – Regular, healthy sleep cycles is an incredibly important part of keeping your mind sharp. Make getting enough sleep a priority.
  5. Balancing Act – That foggy feeling after you eat too much junk food is not just an imagined thing… maintaining healthy eating habits truly affects your mental health as well.
  6. Physical Wellness – Including some sort of physical activity in your daily life is important for many reasons, but especially because when your heart gets a-pumping, there is increased blood flow to your brain.
  7. Take Care – You should never neglect your own health, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. Not only will avoiding a doctor’s instructions lead to worsening symptoms of your condition, but it may also lead to additional memory problems.

Taking preventative steps to ensure your memory now can truly help you in the long run.  If you are interested in taking more steps to improve your retirement living, Waterford Estates can help! Tour our community and see what life is like here.

Interested in learning more about nursing home Flossmoor senior living, including memory care Tinley Park and assisted living Olympia Fields locations? Click here for more information!

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If you are searching for quality memory care Olympia Fields retirement communities, or nursing home Tinley Park communities, contact us here for information about our assisted living Homewood location.

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Family members and loved ones are what makes life meaningful, and their safety is always a concern, especially as our loved ones begin to age. Little accidents at home can turn into life-threatening events without care and attention. Prevention of these accidents is key! But where should you start? Let us help! Here are some of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to protecting and preventing your loved ones from becoming injured in an accident at home.

  • Safety rails. Installing safety rails or grab bars throughout the house is a common recommendation for seniors living in their own home, but often people simply utilize the preexisting things, for example, towel bars and toilet paper holders, as a placeholder. Unfortunately, these can cause serious accidents should they pull away from the wall. Be sure to have securely installed grab bars and safety rails in stairways and in bathrooms, or anywhere else your loved one is likely to need extra support.
  • Tripping/slipping hazards. Slick tile, loose throw rugs, uneven floor (or pavement outside), even the bottom of the bathtub are all potentially dangerous hazards to slip or trip on. Remove any loose items and keep walkways clear and as even as possible, as well as providing non-slip mats to slick floors.
  • Lighting and electrical cords. Sufficient lighting can make a huge difference in avoiding hazards, especially when it comes to dimly lit hallways or stairways. Electrical cords are another hidden danger which is easily solved by firmly attaching the cords to the walls.

Simple awareness and quick fixes throughout these and other areas of the home can help prevent disaster from striking in your or your loved one’s home. At Waterford Estates retirement community, we are committed to keeping you safe, and we offer a secure, beautiful, and homelike community with plenty of support for whatever stage of retirement you find yourself in. Come tour our community today!

For a glimpse into life at Waterford Estates, contact us here to schedule a tour of our nursing home Olympia Fields community, from our memory care Homewood community and our assisted living Hazel Crest community.

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Please enjoy our latest testimonial video on one resident’s transition into life at Waterford Estates.  Waterford Estates truly is a wonderful place to be!





To schedule a tour with us to discover more about nursing home Homewood and assisted living Flossmoor communities, or quality memory care Hazel Crest facilities, contact us here.

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Did you know that Okinawa, Japan has the largest percentage of centenarians, or people living past the age of 100, in the world? People have marveled for years at the high number of people who live long, happy lives in Okinawa, and it seems like we may be able to learn from their advice on how to live longer, healthier lives ourselves. As always, check with your doctor before changing your diet.

  • Choose nutrient dense foods. Leafy greens and nutritious vegetables are low in calories but high in nutrition. Okinawans tend to eat lots of vegetables, small amounts of fish, whole grains, and soy-based foods, and almost no meat, dairy or eggs.
  • Eat less food in general. According to some research, Okinawans eat on average 40 percent less food than typical North Americans.
  • Stop eating when you are about 80 percent full. Wait for 20 minutes, then reassess if you are still hungry. The stomach needs about 20 minutes to communicate to your brain how full it really is. Stay mindful of how full you feel and you may find yourself consuming less food!

Drawing from the example of the people in Okinawa, Japan, researchers in North America have found that healthy calorie restriction may help to extend lifespans. Don’t attempt to make any big changes on your own, as your doctor knows best what you need to maintain your health. But if you are interested in finding other ways to improve your retirement living, look no further than Waterford Estates retirement community. We offer a beautiful community to cater to your particular retirement needs, from independent to assisted living.

Finding nursing home Homewood communities is made easier with Waterford Estates. Click here to learn more about our assisted living Flossmoor senior living.

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Our assisted living Tinley Park communities have so much to offer you. Click here for more information, including information about our memory care Flossmoor senior living and exceptional nursing home Hazel Crest property.

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When a family member’s health is failing, the caregivers who step in to help out are truly the unsung heroes. Tending to a family member’s needs requires a lot of time, patience, and hard work on top of a normally already-busy schedule. In fact, seniorlivingmag.com reported that family members typically provide upwards of 80% of the care required in many cases. In addition, 20% of caregivers are spending more than 10 hours every week with caregiving tasks. While motivated by love, caregiving can easily become overwhelming and stressful, while also being incredibly fulfilling. Family caregivers provide loving support at a time when their loved ones most need it, and they are the underappreciated heroes working behind the scenes to make sure their loved ones are happy, healthy, and loved, adding onto their already busy schedule according to seniorliving.com. And while family caretakers are a vital part of senior care, it is also important to know when to ask for help. Here are some of the main areas in which caretakers provide support, including when to consider additional help.

  • Security – Is my family member at risk in their current living space? Is emergency help readily accessible should I be unable to help? Is there a risk of falling down? Is there a risk of crime?
  • Housekeeping – What are my loved one’s abilities or limitations in regards to keeping up with the cleanliness of their living space? What are the limitations in regards to preparing food?
  • Personal hygiene – Is my loved one easily able to maintain their personal hygiene? If not, how much time is required daily to help them? Is a home health aide necessary to help my loved one keep up their personal hygiene?
  • Transportation – If my family member is unable to drive, how often am I able to take them to appointments and to run errands? If I am unable to, is there an additional support system who could help?
  • Medical needs – Does my loved one need any additional nursing care at home that I am unable to provide? Can they administer their own medication, or do they need help?
  • Social needs – Is my family member lonely? Are they content with the amount of time they spend with family or friends, or do they need more time spent in social situations?

Caregivers, it is not unloving or otherwise a negative thing to ask for help in caring for a loved one. While caregiving is a bonding experience which can bring one closer with their loved ones, there are always limitations to what we can reasonably do. Remember that stress can negatively affect your life and others’, and do not hesitate when you believe that the care needed by your loved one is beyond what you yourself can handle. Retirement living at Waterford Estates is a caring community of like-minded people surrounded by supportive staff. You want the best for your loved one, and so do we.

At Waterford Estates, we believe that a nursing home Flossmoor senior living experience should be held to the highest standards. Click here to learn about how our assisted living Olympia Fields and memory care Tinley Park communities could be your best choice.

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